St Peter’s Catholic School Feast Day 2018

on 01/07/18

And once again, much like my blog post before this one, when there is a St Peters Sports Day then you can guarantee that the next morning is there Feast Day celebration.

For those of you who don’t know what a Feast Day is (I didn’t either when they first booked me), it is essentially a huge church service for everyone at the school held outside where they have enough space to seat all the staff and children.

From a sound distribution point of view it presents a couple of issues as I need to find the best way to get the audio to the 1000+ people and keep the cables safe. This year, I setup 6 passive speakers each aimed at a different block of seating. I control them all from the glorious Allen & Heath QU16 which I setup at the back of the performance area and then I can mix out the front using my router and iPad. I run a couple of radio (Sennheiser) lapel mics for the bishop and priest and then a couple more wireless handheld microphones for choir solos, bits of drama and a few other bits that need the amplification. I provide a microphone at the lectern which is probably the most used mic as its a church service and they give a lot of readings. Finally I provide a couple of rifle microphones over the choir to amplify their music in a very natural way.

I abolsutely love working this event and I always find it fun to mix for something a bit different. But with an arrival time of 05:00am and finish time of 11:30am I won’t miss what it does to my body clock.