Getting creative with cables!!!

on 31/08/17

Since setting up and running Bear Sound Services I have perfected the skill of creating my own audio cables for sound jobs and rentals. The cables I create range from XLR signal cables, jack cables, instrument cables, power cables and cables for patch bays. This is brilliant at keeping costs down and giving me a greater understanding of how everything I am using works and is put together. It is also very handy when things inevitably get broken to be able to repair them quickly and efficiently.

Having now developed good relationships with companies that sell me the cables, connectors, spade terminals and tools at a wholesale price, I can now produce cables for as little as a couple of pounds each. Because of this, I am now happy to take the odd order or two for anyone who may need some new custom cables made. I can offer these cables to you at a cheaper rate than the main online music stores as well as the high street ones and can offer custom lengths, colours, and whatever connector you want on either end.

Give me a call if you want a few cables made up. A chance to get creative with your cables.  Whatever it is, I should be able to help.

Best Wishes