Behringer X32 Digital Mixing Console

on 08/03/16

The multi award winning 32 channel digital mixing desk from Behringer is one of our most popular rental items. We have recently added two more of these amazing desks to our hire stock so we have even more to meet the demands.

We have used this desk for a number of application over the last year or two. And we are always amazed at how easily we can adapt the desk to different jobs that come in to our schedules. We are regularly sending out engineers with this desk and one of our PA’s to do sound for bands and theatre productions and we always get great feedback about how good the sound has been and how quickly we are able to achieve the demands of our different clients. It has also become a popular hire item with theatres and hotels with some companies having our desks on a regular hire basis.

It’s very easy to use with massively logical and intuitive controls and comes fully loaded with digital FX and delay’s, compressors, EQ’s and gates as well as hundreds of other features. As well as having 32 channels, it also has 16 aux busses for monitors as well as a USB 32 channel audio interface built in meaning you can use the desk as a portable recording rig and record up to 32 channels without breaking a sweat.

The X32 is the perfect choice for function and original bands, theatres, festivals, hotels and recording production companies. And with our competitive rental prices, why not give us a call and book one of our X32’s out today.

We rent the Behringer X32 out for £70 her day or £210 per week and we ship the desk in a full flight case.

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