On Saturday 20th October, I was thrilled to be asked to provide sound and radio microphones for a hotel seminar run by hour25 and held at the Holiday Inn in Bloomsbury. When the majority of the work I do is band sound and live music events it is somewhat refreshing to do something completely different and stretch the legs of Bear Sound Services. I provided: 4x EV ELX112 passive speakers that we’re distributed evenly throughout the boardroom of the hotel... Read More >

And once again, much like my blog post before this one, when there is a St Peters Sports Day then you can guarantee that the next morning is there Feast Day celebration. For those of you who don’t know what a Feast Day is (I didn’t either when they first booked me), it is essentially a huge church service for everyone at the school held outside where they have enough space to seat all the staff and children. From a... Read More >

I’m always thrilled to return to St Peter’s Catholic School in Merrow, Guildford and Thursday 28th June 2018 was my sixth year providing the sound and mics for the school sports day. I provided 6 outdoor, passive PA speakers that are lined up along the final stretch of the track and pointed directly at the pens where the cheering spectators watch from. The system works unbelievably well considering it’s a huge Surrey school field. All the speakers are powered from... Read More >

I returned this year to assist with a live singing showcase for a group of talented singing students ranging from age 7 to about 50 who take a little time out of their day to have a go at performing on a big stage. None of these students are professional but all share a love for singing and performance. They are all taught by my wife, Lottie also known as Guildford Singing Teacher and as with always with these events... Read More >

On the 15th and 16th June, I returned to provide sound, lighting and staging for all the acts accross the three different beer festivals held on the Guildford cricket ground on Woodbridge Road. This is the third year in a row that I have worked with this local event and I always have so much fun. The musical acts ranged from solo acoustic acts, piano and drum duos, rock bands, pop bands and a 60-strong Ukulele Orchestra. I supplied a... Read More >

Since setting up and running Bear Sound Services I have perfected the skill of creating my own audio cables for sound jobs and rentals. The cables I create range from XLR signal cables, jack cables, instrument cables, power cables and cables for patch bays. This is brilliant at keeping costs down and giving me a greater understanding of how everything I am using works and is put together. It is also very handy when things inevitably get broken to be... Read More >

This time of year, we always get very busy with recording and filming bands and performers promo material. Sensibly, they use this quiet time of year to get some new promo done for their future clients and ready for the busy Summer season ahead. Bear Sound Services can provide very competitave prices for live audio recording and filming as well as the editing and mastering as well starting from as little as £150. With a completely mobile recording rig, it... Read More >

Just a quick note to say that after a wonderfully busy year, my last rented system for the year has just been returned and locked up back in my warehouse. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has supported Bear Sound Services over the last year. I have felt like this is the first year (in the few I have been trading) where the business has really gathered a great deal of momentum and leaves the company... Read More >

The multi award winning 32 channel digital mixing desk from Behringer is one of our most popular rental items. We have recently added two more of these amazing desks to our hire stock so we have even more to meet the demands. We have used this desk for a number of application over the last year or two. And we are always amazed at how easily we can adapt the desk to different jobs that come in to our schedules.... Read More >

Over the last few months, we have been busier hiring more and more radio microphone systems to a whole range of companies and clients. We supply only high end, Sennheiser radio microphones with a choice of handheld, headworn or lapel microphone attachments. Handheld: These systems are most popular with singers for originals and function bands as well as soloists and cabaret singers. They are also popular with toast masters and speech makers at Weddings and other private and corporate events.... Read More >