Guildford Singing Teacher Showcase – Radio Mic Hire & Sound Engineering

on 27/06/18

I returned this year to assist with a live singing showcase for a group of talented singing students ranging from age 7 to about 50 who take a little time out of their day to have a go at performing on a big stage. None of these students are professional but all share a love for singing and performance. They are all taught by my wife, Lottie also known as Guildford Singing Teacher and as with always with these events I am totally blown away by the confidence and talent they all possess and obviously super proud of my wife for bringing it all together and providing such a wonderful experience for a group of aspiring performers.

I am always happy to help in any way I can and I supply radio microphones, ambient microphones as well as engineer the rehearsals and show. Lottie rented a local school theatre with access to a fantastic speaker and lighting rig and I just bought along a couple of extra buts. She doesn’t charge any of the students or the relatives, friends and supporters to attend the day, but she does ask people to donate any loose change to a wonderful charity.

It is always such a pleasure for me to be involved in an event like this to see new talent come through and giving it a go. I look forward to many more years of seeing more students of old and new blow the socks of the growing audiences.

The two awards that Lottie gives out at the end of the showcase

In rehersal

Performing to a packed house