Conference Sound – Hour25 Seminar @ Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury.

on 22/10/18

On Saturday 20th October, I was thrilled to be asked to provide sound and radio microphones for a hotel seminar run by hour25 and held at the Holiday Inn in Bloomsbury.

When the majority of the work I do is band sound and live music events it is somewhat refreshing to do something completely different and stretch the legs of Bear Sound Services.

I provided:

4x EV ELX112 passive speakers that we’re distributed evenly throughout the boardroom of the hotel

1x QU16 Chrome to control everything

2x Sennheiser G3 handheld radio microphones

2x Sennheiser G3 headworn radio microphones

And all the cabling, stands and amp racks for equipment above

I also supplied a white hideaway screen to put all the gear behind and keep the room today.


As well as all the equipment, I also arranged for a very talented sound engineer to attend to setup, operate and pack down all the equipment.


The event went really well and from a sound point of view, I couldn’t have asked for more.

And top it off, I received this lovely e-mail from the event organiser praising the efforts of my engineer for the day, Vas


“Thanks Tom.
The event went sooooo well and Vas was amazing. We had a debrief after the event last night and the team were all really pleased with the AV. We had to have a really quick breakdown at the end as another event was happening immediately after and Vas was great at turning it around quickly. We’ll definitely be using you guys again. 
Best wishes